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After graduating from Law School, Adam Albritton, worked for the State Attorney’s Office in the 1st Judicial Circuit prosecuting an array of Misdemeanor and Felony cases; ensuring that those who violated the law were properly prosecuted and punished.  Thereafter, Mr. Albritton accepted a position with the Public Defender’s Office for the 14th Judicial Circuit, working primarily in Bay and Gulf Counties.  While with the Public Defender’s office, Mr. Albritton handled a vast array of felony cases; working to ensure that his clients’ constitutional rights were protected.

In 2014, Adam Albritton decided to transition into private practice, where he has represented a large number of clients on numerous legal matters, such as construction law, commercial litigation, property law, corporate law, personal injury, probate, municipality & governmental law, family law, and criminal law issues.

Adam Albritton’s experience handling a multitude of legal issues means that he can provide exceptional professional legal services and counsel for his clients no matter their legal needs.


Adam Albritton, as an employee of the State of Florida, was entrusted with the immense responsibility as a criminal trial attorney, both as a prosecutor and then later as a Public Defender.  Additionally, Mr. Albritton was responsible for running the day to day operations of the Gulf County, Florida office for the Public Defender’s office.

Since accepting the challenge of becoming a private practitioner and opening his own law practice, Adam Albritton’s clients have entrusted him to represent their interest in their most dire time of need.  Mr. Albritton’s practice is client focused, and each client is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Mr. Albritton believes that the more his clients’ trust and believe in him, the more efficient and effective the legal process can be.


When a legal issue arises for an individual or business, Adam Albritton understands that this can be a very stressful and unfamiliar process for his clients.  Those clients expect prompt and diligent representation and service. Because Mr. Albritton has a vast array of experience, he is able to draw on his wide range of legal knowledge to obtain the best result possible for his clients.

Adam Albritton, throughout his career, has provided diligent and exceptional legal services and advice to each and every one of his clients.  

J. Adam Albritton


Adam Albritton, a fourth-generation resident of Bay County, graduated from Gulf Coast State College, Florida State University, and Florida Coastal School of Law.  After graduating Law School, Mr. Albritton began his legal career as an Assistant State Attorney in the 1st Judicial Circuit where he prosecuted a number of misdemeanor and felony cases.  Thereafter, Mr. Albritton accepted a position with the Public Defender’s Office in the 14th Judicial Circuit where he defended the rights of those accused and ensured that their constitutional rights were preserved.  As both an Assistant State Attorney and Assistant Public Defender, Mr. Albritton gained valuable trial litigation experience. Mr. Albritton continues to rely on this experience for those he represents to this day.

In 2014, Mr. Albritton opened his private Law Practice where he remains today.  Mr. Albritton’s practice areas include construction law, commercial litigation, property law, corporate law, personal injury, probate, municipality and governmental law, family law, and criminal law issues.  

Mr. Albritton is also active in his community serving numerous public boards, a Big Brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, member of the Bay County Chamber of Commerce, former member of the Gulf County Lions Club, a Master Mason and member of the Acme Lodge 222, as well actively and regularly contributing to charitable organizations in this area.

“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.”